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Bloodborne : The build that wrecks all PVP builds

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Bloodborne has a rather active pvp community, and there is pretty much no limit to the amount of pvp and pve builds out there. Some people decide to focus their character towards the arcane stat, others focus on strength or skill or even a mix of both known as a quality build. However there is one build that stands above them all in some of the most popular PvP areas (Nightmare frontier and the Nightmare of Mensis). And that’s what we are here to talk about today.

Beast Roar and an Elevator.

Requiring only 15 points in the arcane stat, beast roar is the single most effective weapon in the entire game. With the ability to knockback invaders, when paired with an elevator this build is near unstoppable. You may have an invader come at you with the best gems in the game and some of the “best weapons” in the game. However if you wait by an elevator and wait until they’re on to get the elevator moving, that platform will become their grave. All you gotta do is use beast roar and hit them once and they are knocked off the side of the elevator leading to an easy victory and some of that sweet sweet insight.

(P.S whilst this is the best build in levels with non sealed elevators it is not the best build when it comes to literally any other map without said elevators)

And there you have it, the absolute best build in bloodborne requiring minimal stat investment. Feel free to comment below but I doubt you can change my mind on this topic.

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