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Biomutant - Four years in the making

What is this about Dan?

Well, am i glad you asked! Biomutant is an open world post-apocalyptic, self-proclaimed Kung-Fu fable set in a fictional world with a third person perspective, this hardcore Arthur simulator has all the makings of a rodent version of the last of us. So without further ado lets dive into the world of….Biomutant!

THQ Nordic way back in 2017 announced the Kung Fu-like game known as Biomutant, four extremely long years later and i managed to wrangle a copy on PS4, unfortunately unknown at this time if it’ll get a PS5 upgrade or be released on the

new gen consoles however this post-apocalyptic game has the makings for an ultra-fun comic book style game…or that’s the vibe i got from it.

In this teenage mutant roleplaying game, you step into the shoes of, yourself, or your fursona at the very least.

With the most customisable character I’ve ever spent time on, every single part of the character is available to alter and change to your liking. To be completely honest i spent roughly an hour and a half creating my mutant hero. From the attributes to the colour of your fur (first and secondary colours) this game has more customisation menus than pimp my ride.

The Foot Clan really doubling down on the name.

As a character creator i chose the skinny athlete, able to flip and shoot with a giant sword. Choosing attributes is one of my favourite parts of this game, you can take your time to align it perfectly to make your character true to yourself or a vision of what you want to be.

Or you can press triangle/Y and completely randomise the selection. As for the title BIO-mutant, you can indeed change your body parts. Equip wings or a grapple arms to reach places you otherwise wouldn’t. Although you must know what to equip and when to use it.

On top of that you can choose your classes. I took my time to read carefully at what class does and how gameplay can change depending on what you choose. As a massive fan of free roaming games, I must say i enjoyed this throughout my session, even if a decent portion of my game time was creating my character, and exploring the opening area, finding gems, and taking in the visuals.

Visually the game is stunning, it is reminiscent of other post-apocalyptic games (cough last of us and division cough) the world can be traversed by foot or by air, I had a great time in a hot air balloon.

It sticks the landing as no humans can be seen, all characters are mutants (still no splinter in sight) and Biomutant is definitely a one of a kind experience.

I enjoyed the combat, it is fast paced and fluid, after every attack you become more intuitive for the next fight, always learning new combos, and adapting for the next enemy.

During my combat play through I learned the combos that appeared on screen, how to parry and timing each shot, i love the way the devs incorporate Gun-Fu into the game, giving it a wider in the range of combat. Not to mention the massive sword you can use to cleave enemies.

I know Gun-fu

Now we all know nothing is perfect.

Like many others this Game does have flaws, i felt this game was too dark in some places and even though i love the combat, i must say it feels to be lacking in areas. Either the animations are too slow or the game suddenly freezes and you get annoyed. Biomutant could use an early update to fix certain bugs.

I for one adore this game despite its flaws my only wish is that after 4 years they could’ve made an upgrade or at least announced a next gen version. Either way I’ll be jumping back into it as soon as they do.

Check out the trailer for Biomutant here:

Get yourself a copy of for the PlayStation , Xbox or PC now.

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