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Bendy and the ink machine

Recently on my travels i have purchased a rather peculiar game, that being bendy and the ink machine. I have never heard of or seen anything about it, so my brain took a detour in to researching before playing, seeing a toy and FUNKO pop range was enough to slightly sell me but looking like an old 1930s hand drawn comic gave me the pass i needed to play.

Pops are like crack to Dan.

First of all being a game that’s available and critically received on all platforms is a massive plus in my eyes. As well as featuring a spin off game on IOS and Android.

Now let’s talk about the visuals, first look at this game and i can see that the game looks to be cell shaded 3D and some 2D aspects, with an almost eerie golden glow. I love the yellowish look as it makes the game set in the 1960s with thick black ink appearing and causing mayhem as creatures spawn.

The feeling of dread and the glimpses of a cardboard cut-out of bendy stalking you in the opening chapter is the adrenaline rush I’ve been looking for since Resident Evil 8. The fact that you are a normal human makes the game a whole lot more realistic even though you are in a building with a paranormal ink machine.

Not me that's for sure. Screaming, yes. Laughing, not at all.

Personally, i am a massive sucker for in-game lore, stories, and tall tales that studios create, it makes me more immersed and feeling like I’m the character. While this game is set in a fictional drawing studio I couldn’t help an eerie feeling overcoming me.

With a 1st person view the game sets up horror and quick thinking beautifully. As well as the puzzles which are amazingly created to make you think and take your time, so no speed rushing. I did struggle at points but i felt accomplished when i was doing well.

For instance, there was a musical puzzle which I spent quite a long time getting the grasp of, you see a couple of Carver cardboard cut-outs of Bendy when you play a cartoon. Now the idea of the musical puzzle is to play instruments in time and in a certain order while the cartoons been played. Now every time you go back up to the projection room to restart the cartoon. More and more cardboard cut-outs of bendy appear, plaguing this stage. But when you go down to play the musical instruments, they are in the gallery watching you. In all honesty with the creepy golden yellow hue of the game it genuinely scared me.

And seeing creepy writing on the walls makes the game more unnerving.

Dotted around the game are audio tapes you can listen to and hear the events leading up to the arrival of your character. These tapes feature clues and feature stories of the workers who have seen the horrors unfold. The horror aspect keeps you on your toes and for a game that is broken down into chapters creates an amazing flowing story, filled with puzzles and lore galore!

I fell in love with this game as it hooked me from the start, i also love the merchandise that was released. The merchandise is varied with some sets looking like Lego and some that are actual pose-able figures.

Overall, this game is horror masterpiece, it has everything you want from a survival horror, it has jump-scares and it has monsters, twists, and turns and most importantly it’s has captured an incredibly positive review from myself.

Dan Hewitt


You can pick up your copy of Bendy and the Ink Machine for PS4, Xbox, or Switch here.

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