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Are Take Two up for Acquisition?

There are rumours flying around the net that Take Two interactive may be up for acquisition. But if so, then to which platform is unclear.

Take Two are the parent company of 2k who have such game franchises as NBA, Borderlands, Sid Meier’s Civilisation, Xcom, Mafia.

They’re also parent company of Rockstar, who of course have GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

The speculation that Microsoft might be extending their first party even further is reasonable, as they have stated that they’re not done acquiring studios. They also just made a medium sized deal of a Sea of Thieves / Borderlands cosmetic cross over. Something that really didn’t need shouting about unless this was to hint at an acquisition.

There is also news that Phil Spenser of Xbox is meeting with the CEO of Take Two and a moderator later this month to add fuel to this. *(Unconfirmed)

Sony may also be interested in purchasing in order to not fall behind the first party line up expected from team green this generation. And with the Showcase this Thursday, it would be a good time to announce such. Though with their own games to talk about, 40 minutes of show might be cutting it a little thin for such an announcement.

Microsoft Studios keep growing

With the amount of money made by the Rockstar division of Take Two, I’d be shocked if they are bought out so easily. While the Bethesda purchase was already crazy, they at the time weren’t exactly raking in the dollars from their Fallout 76 and ESO live service games. Or at least compared to GTA5 Online.

While I think there’s a fair chance nothing will come of this. If something were to happen, I’d put my chips on Microsoft purchasing 2K from Take Two. Or even a game pass style deal like they have with EA.

With Rockstar big bods already expressing dissatisfaction with Game Pass (And to be fair, GTA didn’t need the boost), they are much more likely to be looking to sell off their lesser performing franchises.

Not to say that 2K games aren’t very popular. They would certainly be a huge win for which ever company were to get their hands on them. But with the money made by GTA5 Online alone, Take Two may be more than happy to rest on their laurels with that golden goose and leave the development of new games to someone else.

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