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Arcane Season 2 - Character Predictions!

It’s no surprise to say that Arcane was a hit, and by that, it’s even less surprising that it got renewed for a Season 2 - the teaser dropping mere hours after the final episodes landed on Netflix. We’re expected to check in with the characters again in 2023, a thankfully shorter time than it took to get the first season.

With that being said, those unfamiliar with League of Legends and its chasmous lore may not know who could possibly show up in the next outing of the series. So here are some predictions from me, a long-time player of the game and an admirer of the lore. I’m going to exclude characters we’ve already seen as well, unless they drastically change.


Certain: Viktor - Fully Mechanised

Viktor is an extremely sympathetic character in Arcane, but his character in the game is very different. He augmented his body in numerous ways, replacing all organic matter with machine upgrades, heralding what he calls as “The Glorious Evolution”. This may be in response to Sky’s death and his illness still being present, but I’m certain he will become the machine League players know and love.


So many people have theorised that Vander, Vi and Jinx’s (first) adoptive father, would be transformed into Warwick by the end of Season 1 at the hands of Singed. The show hints at it very well for those who do pay attention. Vander is referred to with canine terminology quite a lot (i.e. Silco calls him a “lapdog”), and his story lines up with Warwick’s lore - him being a reformed gangster. The RiotXArcane event also has scratch marks that can be seen in The Lanes. Lest we forget, the ending scene with Singed shows (obviously) Vander’s corpse mid-experimentation, so I’m almost certain the predatory vigilante will end up on the screen next time.

Corina Veraza

This character may be unfamiliar to people who don’t play League’s card game; Legends of Runeterra.

Corina is a Chem Baron who deals with deadly plants, and her playstyle in trap decks (usually Caitlyn-Teemo) is already worthy of intrigue lore-wise. She has voice lines with Caitlyn in the game, and her greenhouse is also featured in Caitlyn’s level up animation, which means that she could very well be an antagonist in the next season.

What’s also interesting, is that we are going to be getting a new support champion in League relatively soon who is a Chem Baron, and the symbol Riot used in the teaser is very similar to Corina’s, so if she appears as a champion, it’s likely she’ll be an antagonist next time around.



So this is where the real speculation begins. A close-up of the locket Singed is holding shows a girl, who has a similar hairstyle to Orianna. There is a chance for that girl to be Orianna before she became mechanised. I’m uncertain how she would realistically fit in the story unless it decided to delve more into Singed’s backstory. Even then, Orianna’s father was Corin Reveck, who made artificial limbs, so if that is Singed’s real name or another adoptive daughter scenario, we may never know. But there is a chance this will play out in Arcane.


The iconic hooking support is a character that could appear in Arcane. We’ve already met Viktor, his creator, so there is likelihood that he will be created when Viktor makes his inevitable move back to Zaun. However, the issue is that Professor Stanwick, who stole credit for Blitzcrank in the lore, is already dead in Arcane, as he is the statue Heimerdinger visits. Nonetheless, Viktor’s ideals for creating hextech were to help clean up Zaun so people wouldn’t be sick anymore, and Blitzcrank’s purpose to remove and dispose of hazardous waste definitely fits that.


So with Jinx’s rocket decimating (potentially) the council, it’s no surprise that hextech will be weaponised against Zaun. The noble families will end up augmenting their own security forces, and thus, we have Camille. The Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros, she operates outside of the law, which will bring her into friction-filled interactions with Caitlyn and the Enforcers.


So the University will need new people to populate it after Viktor, Mel, Heimerdinger, Jayce, Sky, and the entire council are now all gone for a variety of reasons, right?

If we managed to see Ezreal show up in Arcane, it’ll be a great way to further the study of magic through the gauntlet he has, an ancient Shuriman weapon. It’ll be a great way to tie Shurima into the world loosely and maybe open the floor up for a sister series.

Unlikely, but Cool If:


I feel like it’d be a wasted opportunity if they didn’t make the rat Singed tested his serum on early in the series didn’t turn out to be this guy.


The lovable blob would make a great addition to the series.

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