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American Horror Stories: Episode 2 – Drive In – Review

American Horror Stories has once again returned to our screens to give us our weekly share of horror, gore and mystery. If you saw my review of last weeks exciting double feature premiere, “Rubber (Wo)Man” part one and two you’ll know that I absolutely loved the opener and was itching to see what was coming next! (the link to that previous piece can be found here)

Episode 2, entitled: “Drive In” takes a much different approach in terms of style to the previous episode as unlike our premiere this story didn’t take place in a pre existing location from the American Horror Story universe.

The premise of this story follows Kelley (played by Madison Bailey) and her boyfriend Chad (played by Rhenzy Feliz) who are forced to battle the demonic forces after attending a drive in cinema showing of a banned horror film. The film “Rabbit Rabbit” was banned after a showing of the picture caused audiences to go mad and turn on one another in a zombie esque brawl, alike all inhabitants in horror the naysayers put this down as a myth and decided to show the movie again to audiences.

During the film Kelley and Chad are distracted by one another and fail to see that everyone around them has entered a hypnotic state before changing into ravenous zombies’ hell bent on causing destruction. After fighting for their lives the pair find that the source of the horror lies with the films creator and they swear to track him down and enact their revenge for their fallen friends and fellow citizen.

After taking down the films creator the pair return home seemingly victorious only to discover that the film had been picked up by a streaming service meaning that the hypnotic zombie virus had spread worldwide…this is where our story ended leaving audiences to forever wonder “what will happen next?!”

Overall I loved this episode, it felt like the perfect mix of Dawn of the Dead meets The Ring and the acting talent this week was fresh and I do hope the cast of this episode return for more stories in this show or even get promoted to having parts in the main show. I genuinely cannot find fault with the story, the writing…anything really! I would recommend this episode to anyone who alike myself enjoys a good old slasher as you will definitely find enjoyment!

American Horror Stories is now available in the UK every Wednesday on Disney+

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Sep 26, 2021

I like the content in the review but it is a difficult review to read because it doesn’t flow very well. The grammar makes it difficult to read too.

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