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EVGA is Replacing RTX 3090 GPU's After Amazon's MMO Killed Them

Amazon's MMO New World is in the beta testing phase and after opening the game up to gamers for a closed beta, there was a lot of strange reports. It was consistently reported that the game was frying RTX 3090 GPUs which didn't make much sense. This also triggered a wave of concern for other users with the new RTX 30 series graphics cards.

Is New World killing all RTX 3090 cards?

The RTX 30 series are the newest graphics cards around so they should be able to cope with any existing games. However, only the EVGA branded cards are dying when attempting to run the game. The most reported cards having issues with the game have been the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3.

While the EVGA card seems to be getting the most attention, many other users reported similar problems with other graphics cards. Other RTX 30 series saw similar issues while those with RTX 20 series also experienced crashing. It looks like more EVGA cards may have been killed trying to run the game, but other cards are seeing similar issues.

Why was the game killing them?

That's difficult to answer. The most common trigger seemed to be the New World's start menu with many players reporting the GPU was bricked after changing the graphics on the start menu. The problem wasn't widespread since it only affected a specific GPU.

Amazon Game Studios responded quickly and released a hotfix. The fix reduced the number of frames generated outside of gameplay since this looked to be the problem. Initially when the problem was first reported, Amazon Game Studios staff responded on the official forums. They told users the problem seemed to be coming from driver settings and frame rate limiters.

Responding to that post, users noted they had similar problems with different graphics cards and suspect it's not the hardware. Some players reported that the 60 FPS in-game option didn't seem to work and others pointing out they noticed strange things while running the game. One user on the forums, Sigeled, noted that with a 2080ti they were using MSI Afterburner to see what was happening and the game was pulling a very high voltage. If this is the cause of the problem then it's easy to see why some RTX 3090 cards were bricked running the game.

EVGA is replacing broken cards

Thankfully, EVGA is replacing any broken cards. Considering the RTX 3090 cards are extremely expensive, it would be more than just 'annoying' to need to buy an all-new card again. If you've been affected by the New World incident, you can email the EVGA support team and they'll help you sort this out.

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