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All the details about the upcoming Batman game: Gotham Knights

When it comes to the iconic Batman character and his presentation in games there is a selection of the greatest games to choose from.

As we have seen the appearance of the Batman character in games such as INJUSTICE and the Arkham series, developed by Rocksteady. The latter being one of the best superhero games, if not the best, in addition to its separate part, Arkham Origins was developed and published by Warner Bros.

But what if we asked ourselves about a game that is about Batman and not about Batman at the same time? What if we wanted to explore more of the Batman world from the perspective of other Gotham City characters?

The idea of ​​trying new and varied things instead of repetitively using Batman or Bruce Wayne is an interesting one.

Release date

Gotham Knights had its official release date in 2021, but it was postponed to 2022, and this is due to the need for the game to be released with its full potential and that there are no technical problems that affect the quality of play and the experience of players. In addition to the pandemic situation that has greatly affected game companies and the timing, effectiveness, and development of games.

Gotham Knights will be released on PC, PlayStation 5/4, and XBOX

Game writer Mitch Dyer, speaking on the game, said it will be "something very special", adding to the excitement of the players.

The story

The game "Gotham Knights" will be in a world after the death of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Detective James Gordan. Bruce Wayne blows up his cave, putting Gotham in greater danger, and he also video messages the Bat-family asking them to carry on his legacy and defend Gotham with honour.

Bruce Wayne here, as the writer of the game Gotham Knights stated, is actually dead. Regardless of the many theories that have surfaced that he will appear. When the writer of the game was asked, he replied, saying:

"It's dead, dead, and unplayable."

And the Batman family are:

Barbara Gordan, better known as Batgirl.

Dick Grayson, in his role as Nightwing.

Tim Drake, as Robin.

And finally, Jason Todd, aka Redhood.

They are all important and essential characters in the Batman universe and will continue the legacy of Bruce Wayne after he is gone.

What we do know is that the story of the Gotham Knights game will focus on these heroes and their fight against the "Court of Owls". The secret criminal organization that was once hostile to Batman and now that he's gone are free to take over Gotham City.

Bad guys like Mr Freeze will return, along with supporting characters such as Alfred.

The story of this game will be very interesting. Unlike previous Batman games, this game will not take place in one night, but over a period of several months.

Is Gotham Knights related to the Arkham universe?

The answer is simply no.

Warner Bros. also stated that the game is an original story for them and has nothing to do with the Batman trilogy, although there are similarities in the Bruce Wayne tale.

This is indeed a good thing that the game will be separate from the world of Arkham, since the game brought back iconic characters and villains who had appeared in the Arkham games, and their story was completed in that world.

But if you are a fan of Batman games and the world of Arkham, don't worry. The company Rocksteady will satiate you when the next game of Suicide Squad is released,

Suicide Squad: Kills the Justice League, which is set in the Arkham universe.


The game features four playable characters, and each character will have its own unique playing style, for example, “Robin” can teleport, using the Justice League satellite. And the game will offer the possibility of choosing the character who will fight alongside you.

The game is open world, you can go through the entire city of Gotham and even out of it with character vehicles, and on top of that, the entire city of Gotham spans across five neighbourhoods.

And unlike the Batman trilogy, Gotham City won't be locked down, so you'll see the city's citizens walking, driving, and living their lives at night.

According to the developer, it will be fixed missions over several nights called "evil crimes". These missions will require the player to do a certain amount of detective work in order to find out the location of the villain and track them down.


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