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AEW Fight Forever Gets a Release Date

Consoles: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, PC

Developer: THQ NORDIC

SHENANIGANS! I, your faithful scribe am a huge fan of All Elite Wrestling and have been since the first All In in 2019. My friend Dan bought me a book on the genesis of the promotion for Christmas, I have absolutely devoured it (mainly on flights to and from WWE’s Wrestlemania XXXIX in California - I am more Rebel than Jyn Erso). Also, I was so devoted to getting a wheelchair seat for the All In at Wembley Stadium that I kept on the phone on hold for over 100 minutes to book said chair.

So for this game to come out 12 days AFTER my birthday (release is on June 29th 2023) is a slight that shall not be forgotten. Honestly, I might just play the hell out of the Resident Evil 4 remake between the dates and hopefully save the VPOTUS’s daughter before engaging in a Barbed Wire Rope, C4 Explosive Death Match.

Yes,the lengthy (or so some say) gestation period for AEW’s console game, AEW Fight Forever will culminate on release on June 29th, a Thursday.

I am very guilty of writing multiple articles on AEW, the first is from the very genesis of the website (literally, our All In 2019. Except this was written in 2021) news that my possible favourite wrestler in the history of ever (Owen James Hart) is to make his first game inclusion in many years in this that I very look forward too (his last was while I was in Junior School). You can read that here:

In addition to the inclusion of Owen Hart, another WWE star who is on the roster is Cody Rhodes. Kenny Omega has confirmed that while Cody now fights in WWE (my suspicions that he did were aroused when I saw him live at Wrestlemanias XXXVIII and XXXIX). A new wrestling game featuring legacy wrestlers is hardly something unheard of, but the ties between All Elite Wrestling and one of its founders in Cody Rhodes (who also features on a tattoo on my hip - pictured) just cannot be denied.

The game does feature your more standard one one ones and two on two and trios tag matches for sure, but there are more than these. There are

4 ways (giggidy - Thirsty Thursday fodder?)

Ladder Matches

Casino Battle Royale (seriously, how the Bond people haven’t sued is a miracle)

Unsanctioned Lights - Out (extreme to the extreme match, for a good example, track down the Thunder Rosa vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD Lights Out match at St. Patick’s Day Slam).

Mini Games too will be present and correct.

Also custommisation will also be replete.

Customise a Wrestler makes its now obligatory appearance, custom move sets, custom entrances (although many AEW source themes just slap), custom teams and arenas amongst others are in this game.

In the meantime, you can check our wrestling content with our own Recharge Wrestling and the Gimme A Hull Yeah Podcast. The latter provides watchalongs to WWE’s Raw, Smackdown and Premium Live Events, as well as on All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite and Pay Per Views and The Wrestle Story for Rampage.

AEW will launch their new show, Collision on June 17th, aka Jodie Whittaker’s birthday and 12 days before this game is out on June 29th.

Excitingly, AEW will once again cross promote their Forbidden Door event two days before this is out on June 25th. The Forbidden Door event last year was an easy 6 out of 5, even with a lacklustre at best build.


Also, I just realised my own avatar on this site is also in an AEW T-shirt.

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