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A Look at The Future of Gaming Through PlayStation Showcase 2021

A few days separate us from Sony's biggest event, PlayStation Showcase 2021, this show is considered the second most important event this year for the company after the last State of Play event in July, all players are waiting for this event with great eagerness to know what the Japanese company intends to offer us.

Sony's absence again from the E3 event this year:

Sony decided to be completely absent from the E3 event since 2018, as the company decided to be self-sufficient with its periodic offers annually through the State Of Play events and PlayStation Showcase, and therefore the importance of these has increased dramatically.

It has become the outlet and the only source for us to learn about the future plans and what the company intends to present to the community of players. Certainly, this is the main reason behind Sony's absence from the E3 event in general, and it has already succeeded in achieving this goal!

A year of right and sometimes wrong decisions:

There is no doubt that 2021 was a busy year for Sony, as the company was able to achieve very high sales of the PlayStation 5 and its exclusive games. The PS5 platform is expected to become the best-selling console in history during its first fiscal year. This is in addition to the great success achieved by the platform's exclusives and third-party games; Plus games that have been optimized to work better on the new platform.

SIE also officially announced on the 29th day of June 29 this year 2021 that it has purchased the Finnish studio Housemarque, whose origins span more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of video games. This news was officially revealed after the great success of the PlayStation 5 exclusive game Returnal, as the game is the first Next-Gen Title developed by Housemarque Studio exclusively for the new Sony platform.

Sony's decision to add the Finnish studio to the list of the many studios it owns confirms that the company are still open to expansion in its group of first-party studios.

This year also witnessed some bad decisions made by Sony, which angered many players to the extent that the company retracted some of those decisions, as the company's CEO Jim Ryan admitted that the company made a mistake when it decided to close the PS3 and PS Vita digital store, so the company retracted this decision.

It justified this act by saying that it wanted to direct all the resources available to the company towards the newer platforms, especially PS5, so it considered that it was better to close the stores on the PlayStation Network for the old platforms. Another example of these wrong decisions is the raising the prices of first party games. In addition to rejecting many cooperative offers from competing companies, such as providing cross-gameplay between different platforms for many third-party multiplayer games that are hugely popular.

What can we expect to be announced during PlayStation Showcase 2021?

My own expectations are that the event will be filled with new teaser videos for previously announced exclusives like GoW: Ragnarök and HZD: Forbidden West. We also expect to announce some new exclusives such as the next game in the Spider-Man series, as well as revealing many old games that have been reconfigured and improved specifically for the PS5.

We also expect The Last of Us series to get a fair amount of event time, as we wait for the reveal of the new FACTIONS multiplayer mode for TLoU II, and the company may show off the remake for the first part of the series TLoU.

If you are waiting for any news related to the PSVR virtual reality glasses, the company has confirmed that the event will not contain any news related to it, so we expect Sony to allocate an event for the second version of the PSVR virtual reality glasses at a later time. We also imagine that low-budget Indie Games will have a good chance during the event, especially after Sony has included and supported many studios that developed this type of video game this year .

Finally, other video games that we expect to appear during the event are:


Solar Ash


Project Athia

Gran Turismo 7

Hogwarts Legacy

Deathwire: Tokyo

Little Devil Inside

The official timing for the start of the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event and how to watch it:

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 event will start next Thursday at 1PM PDT / 9PM BST. The duration of the event will be forty minutes only.

You can watch the live broadcast on Robot Republic's YouTube channel with commentary from Riku and Cally.

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