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5 Sea of Thieves Cross Overs I Want to See

With pirate numbers at a record high, the Sea of Thieves cross over with Disney’s The Pirates of the Caribbean is undoubtedly a success. Even going so far as to tempt in my SoT shy but Disney loving partner to join our scurvy ridden crew.

Being such a hit, I wondered what other Sea of Thieves cross overs we might see in the future. So here are the Top 5 Sea of Thieves Cross overs I Want to Sea (This will be sea pun heavy).

Assassins Creed: Black flag

Ubisoft have been working on their own pirate game since before we had even sliced our first skeleton. Skull and Bones, conceived after the success of Assassins Creed: Black Flag, it is yet to sail into port. It has however re-entered production.

While Ubi are lollygagging with bringing us their own pirate adventure, why not let SoT give some much-deserved exposure to Edward Kenway, protagonist of Black Flag.

Black Flag was a fantastic game, specifically the ship combat. At the time nothing had made me feel more pirate. Edward Kenway was cool as a sea cucumber, packing 4 flintlock pistols on his many belts, and with a smouldering look that could make a fish wet… wetter.

He’d be a great addition to the Sea of Thieves. A templar plot to foil, an apple of Eden relic to find in a temple below the depths. You could knock up a narrative to suit the setting with barely any effort *Looks over at the endless parade of Assassin Creed games*.

With some rumours pointing at deals being made between Ubisoft and Microsoft, or the ‘Soft bros’ as they’ll be known, it would certainly sweeten whatever deal they’re cooking to introduce Captain Kenway to a new generation who may have missed Black Flag.


No, I’m not joking. I mean, I was at first. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

The square sea sponge and his loveable starfish best friend would make an excellent addition to the Sea of Thieves. The stylisation of SoT is already cartoony, the humour already dumb (in a good way).

Picture it, Mr Crabs has set up shop on one of the small islands, Plankton is coming to steal that recipe, Sponge-Bob and Patrick enlist your help in defeating Plankton and his mechanical ChumShip.

Ok, maybe someone more narratively minded could work on the plot than I. But I think the characters would make a good matching. Maybe like the Pirates of the Caribbean update you travel through a portal to another realm, though this one is Bikini Bottom. And you’re in a ship sailing beneath the waves.

This might as well be a screen shot from Sea of Thieves. Screen SoT.

The in-game store would have loads to work with. Outfits that make you sponge-esk, or Patricks shorts. The emotes could easily take inspiration from some of the iconic SpongeBob Memes. Cave man Sponge-Bob, the imagination rainbow, jaw drop Patrick. They’d rake it in.

Muppet Treasure Island

Now I could have just gone with Treasure Island. That would give us a Long John Silver and all the rest. But I think it’s already agreed that the Muppets did it best. And if we’re bringing in a LJS from somewhere, it ought to be Tim Curry.

Again, it’s cartoony, so the muppets could fit in somewhat well. Sure, it’s a little strange having an intelligent frog aboard, but does weird mean it shouldn’t happen. Everything’s a living skeleton or a ghost anyway, so it’s not like we’re trapped to reality.

Let’s have some fun. The Muppets could do with the work, I’m sure. After their brief come back with the muppet’s movie, there bound to be willing to sell their felty soul to Rare Studios for a quick buck.

We could be firing Gonzo out of a cannon, as is his passion, and just picture Kermit flailing about with arms raised while the ship is on fire. Plus, we could have a new sea shanty of Professional Pirate.

Peter Pan

We’ve already seen they’re able to secure Disney licenses, so this isn’t too far fetched. With all the magic in SoT there’s certainly room for fairies and flying pointy hatted children.

Captain hook would make a great adversary with his first mate Smee. Or maybe even a team up. There is the ticking threat of the crocodile who swallowed the clock and captain hooks hand. Easy to reskin the meg with this. Plus, if they have access to Tinklebell, we might even have to contend with ships flying down to attack.

A land of pirates and adventure where you never age. The Sea of Thieves might as well be Neverland.

Treasure Planet

This one might be a little out there in terms of SoT’s usual setting, but pirates in space! The night sky in Sea of thieves is beautiful as is, there has even been tall tales where it plays a prominent role. Looking upwards to find the constellations, imagine for a moment you could sail amongst them.

Another portal is all it would take, go through and now the seas are black and spangled with stars. Yes, actual space isn’t an ocean, but a little artistic license is permitted.

So, what will the next spicy SoT update be?

What ever they choose (from my list) I’m confident it will be just as magical as the Jack Sparrow adventure we have now.

Do you have any other cross over suggestions? Please let us know in the comments.

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Jul 06, 2021

treasure planet would be a great crossover

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