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2K Games is teasing a new Franchise Reveal later This Month

The Take-Two earning reports can give us a lot of insight into the company and the upcoming projects from the other companies they own. Various games have been teased and 'revealed' ahead of time thanks to this quarterly report. The most recent report from August 2nd has told us there's a new game being announced this month.

What does the Earnings Report Say?

On page 7 of the document, it states that “later this month” 2K Games will “unveil details of another exciting new franchise planned for launch during this fiscal year”. There are no further details in the report about what the new franchise is from 2K.

The CEO also states in the report that he still doesn't want new games on the Xbox Game Pass or other subscription services. Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO, also questioned how possible it was for everyone in the chain to benefit enough to come out ahead. Take-Two is also delaying two of its core games to the fiscal 2022 year instead. Zelnick doesn't believe any more games need to be delayed and that it has nothing to do with the Covid pandemic.

*Sad Xbox noises*

What's the new Franchise?

While there's no confirmation yet, it was reported that 2K was working on a Marvel strategy game similar to the XCOM series. This rumour has been around since before E3 2021 and has persisted despite the lack of any confirmation during E3. While this is definitely possible, we also know the former Call of Duty boss is working for 2K.

Michael Condrey was the chief operating and development officer for Sledgehammer Games that he co-founded and was also the head of. He's now leading a new 2K Games studio that's reportedly making a new multiplayer game.

Yeah, I don't remember it either.

This would also be the first new franchise from 2K Games since Battleborn in 2016 and that one, didn't go too well for them. We won't have long to wait for the new franchise announcement from 2K Games. There's no known date yet but we'll be finally getting some answers this month.

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