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10 Steam Sale Hidden Gems for under £5 You need to Play

There's a lot of games on sale and even more games available to buy on Steam. Whether it's the Summer Sale or Winter Sale, these games are usually on sale for a great price. These games are cheap, great 'fillers' when you have a bit of extra cash left after buying some bigger games and all their DLC.

While Masochisia is a relatively short game, it's an interesting psychological horror game with point and click gameplay. If you dislike jump scares, this is a good horror game for you. It emphasises the true-story inspired narrative with dark themes and a creepy atmosphere. The game does contain very dark and potentially triggering themes such as abuse and mental illness. Without spoiling too much, it's a good idea to check your desktop sometimes when playing this game...

Interactive Fiction games can all seem a bit similar but Alt-Frequencies smashes expectations by putting you in control of the radio airwaves. The world is stuck in a time loop that no one has noticed yet. You need to listen to the radio and record snippets to broadcast on other channels for the world to hear. It's an interesting narrative game with different potential endings based on what you decide to record and broadcast to the general public.

Point and Click puzzle games aren't always on the recommendation radar, The White Door needs to be. Your days are a strict daily routine and your world is black and white. Getting through these days will slowly bring the colour back into your life through simple gameplay to recollect old memories. The White Door is more absorbing than you'd expect and comes from the developer of the Rusty Lake series.

If you used to play flash strategy games then you'll remember the Rebuild series. Taking back a city from the zombies in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Northway Games expanded on this and released a larger game for Steam. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville has a full story campaign and builds on the classic features seen in the series including taking back the city, managing survivors, scavenging for resources and converting buildings into more useful ones. It even has Steam Workshop support!

Dark and twisted, My Lovely Daughter is designed to upset and disturb you without needing jump scares or overt horror themes. It's an alchemist simulator focusing on the grief of a father and his desperate attempts to resurrect his daughter at any cost. You must breathe life into homunculi, send them to work, build relationships with them and murder them for their souls. It's a difficult experience to describe but My Lovely Daughter isn't for everyone, and the themes in the game can be quite depressing.

It might be a short game but Headline does have good replay value. The choices you make in this game matter and shape the world around you. You're a News Editor who decides what stories get published and must face the consequences of those choices. The fictional city you live in has a high percentage of genetically modified people living in it and not everyone is happy about this. It's an interesting video game take on how the news controls our reactions to different issues.

Nobodies is a point and click take on covering up government-sanctioned assassinations. Your aim is simple; hide the bodies, destroy any evidence and leave no trace that you were there. At the end of each mission, you'll be graded and you can replay missions to get a better score or to try new approaches. The concept is simple making Nobodies easy to play while also being challenging with multiple puzzle solutions to try.

Minimalist puzzle games are great to have on hand. They're a wonderful way to relax late a night or to kill some time. Delete is inspired by Minesweeper. Your goal is to turn over the squares to work out where the red squares are. It's simple yet challenging and there's enough in this game to keep you coming back to complete it. The only downside is that there's an end to the levels!

Published by Square Enix, this might not class as a hidden gem to everyone but it's not a popular game for some reason. You play as a detective who is murdered and now you need to solve your own murder to leave limbo and 'move on'. It's a very underrated game that's a fantastic choice for those who enjoy detective games however, there are demonic spirits you also need to run away from.

This isn't really a hidden gem since we all know Assassin's Creed but sadly, AC Rogue was skipped over for AC Unity by most players. Rogue was only released for Xbox 360 and PS3 when it first launched and missed out on media attention since Unity was the bigger game and released at the same time. If you loved Black Flag then you will enjoy Rogue, it features the great ship mechanics we saw in the previous game and the narrative for this game leads into AC Unity. It follows Assassin Shay as he becomes a Templar due to a mission going tragically wrong. This is Assassin's Creed but it's not a 'popular' one in the series despite it being worth playing.

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Rebuild is such a classic - played it on stream a few times!


Jul 05, 2021

glad to see murdered: soul suspect get some recognition, such a great game

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