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Not satisfied with bringing you the gaming news, we've only gone and made a podcast network. 

Take a look at everything we have to offer. 

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The Shows

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The Gaming Manifesto.

Our weekly video game news podcast. We discuss what we've been playing, what's in the news, and running totally unfairly biased knockout 'Robocup' competition.

With Cally and Marcus. 


The Treehouse. 

Discussing all things horrible, ghoulish and paranormal. Horror films, real life ghosts, games and more. 

Join Holly and Bandit as we get spooky.

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Recharge Wrestling.

The most electrifying chat in pod entertainment. 

Each week our three smart marks discuss the what's what with WWE, NXT and more. 


Into The Nerdverse

Into the Nerdverse is a podcast where a bunch of geeks discuss the latest in nerd culture, focusing on theories and ideas based on the latest and upcoming movies, comics and television programmes! Be wary, sometimes Barlows opinions are a little controversial.

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Our weekly casual hangout with the team here at Robot Republic. 

Available for our Patreons as a bonus show to thank you for supporting us. 


Coming Soon.

Counter Occulture

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Red Son.

Our comic and pop culture podcast. Hosted by Dan and T, each week they discuss Comic Books, TV, Film and all things geek culture. 

Featuring guest appearances from published Comic book creators.

Check out what's in this weeks issue.


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The Obeinous Isles sit at the centre of the dimensional clock, it is the boundary between realms.


With monsters and fae always present, it's the duty of a small town council (and the Postman) to maintain the peace, and the bins.